Acting Headshot

Acting and modeling headshots are one of the most important pictures, you will ever invest in. It is the first glimpse for an agent or agency, that will determine whether the interested party is going to browse the rest of your portfolio. 

Getting an acting gig starts by getting in the door of a casting directors office. Regardless of how great your acting skills are, if you don’t have a headshot to use as your calling card, no one might ever know you exist. So, beg or borrow the money to get your headshots made by a PROFESSIONAL and let the world know you’re ready for your close up. – Phil Breman ( )


Selecting a photographer

It is rather crucial that you do find a headshot photographer, that will capture your image the way you like to be seen. Headshots do not have to be boring, in fact a proper portrait should provide a glimpse of your character, your uniqueness. Imagine the task of casting an actor or model for a job that requires certain personality, and seeing 50 identical headshots. I always suggest that you practice your expressions in the mirror; practice the squinch, the smile, decide if you want your teeth showing when you smile. Investing time in preparation, as well as communicating the ideas to your photographer will help you achieve a successful portrait. Research online, and make sure to view sample galleries of prior work.

TheatricalHeadshotType of Headshots

Make sure that you communicate with your photographer, let him know what type of work are you trying to get;

  • Commercial Headshots
    • TV commercials
    • Printed ads
    • Illustrations
  • Theatrical Headshots
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • TV roles
    • Dance

Those are just a few examples. Your photographer should direct you , and coach you, to achieve the desired look.


There is plenty of websites that will help you prepare for your portrait session. I find it important to also have fun while you are getting it done. It may not be as horrible as one would think, and being a crucial part of the process, you should take away all you can from the experience. Remember that all now famous actors and models, went thru the same process that you are.

Lastly, do not forget to review your photographer. I like to keep in touch with past clients, social media is one of great tools to do that, you just never know when I will have information or request for a casting that you may be perfect for.